Database: Cenotes of the Yucatan peninsula

The objective is to rising awareness towards cenotes of Yucatan - exploration, investigation, conservation management, environmental education, and conscious touristic use


2018- on going




Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

Our goal is to support the capacity of the institutions and people who collect, manage, and disseminate biodiversity data and information (“biodiversity informatics”) in the Yucatan Peninsula and to connect this knowledge to those stakeholders who make decisions to preserve biodiversity.

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• Marine & Freshwater Biodiversity Assessment

• Outreach & Education


• Collection of historical data sources from bibliographical sources and database sources.
• Collection of new data (subset of 161 tourist cenotes).
• CenoteCards (digitalized data of the collected information of each investigated cenote).
• Increased awareness towards cenote biodiversities, involving the caretakers of the sites, local community and visitors.
• Development of educational processes to promote sustainable use of water among society and to raise knowledge and awareness towards cenotes