Biodiversidad asociada a los cenotes de la Península de Yucatán - iNaturalist

Proyecto financiado por National Geographic Society para registrar la biodiversidad asociada a los cenotes de la Península de Yucatán.

Impacto social y económico de las pesquerías de Arrecife Alacranes y de Bajos del Norte, Yucatán.

Se evalúa el impacto social y económico de las pesquerías de mayor importancia comercial en el PNAA y Bajos del Norte, así como obtener un primer acercamiento de la actividad turística en ambos sitios.

Seahorse Monitoring

"REMCAS" seeks to coordinate permanent population studies of the genus Hippocampus in Mexico in order to systematically determine the conservation status of a threatened species and convert these data into conservation actions through the transfer of technology between academic institutions.

Database: Cenotes of the Yucatan peninsula

Our goal is to support the capacity of the institutions and people who collect, manage, and disseminate biodiversity data and information (“biodiversity informatics”) in Yucatan Peninsula

Naturalist and Bioblitz projects

Document the biodiversity of sites of interest, to develop baseline inventories that allow making informed decisions about natural resources, environmental policies, and wildlife.

Reef Biodiversity in the Campeche Bank

Carry out studies of the richness, diversity, coverage and abundance of the benthic macrofauna of marine invertebrates of the reefs grouped under the name of “Bajos del norte”

Biodiversity of the southern Gulf of Mexico

Carry out scientific explorations to assess the biodiversity of marine macroinvertebrates in the reefs of the Gulf of Mexico.

Improvement ecosystem services to support underwater life

The Marina "El Cid" collaborates in the improvement of the ecosystem support services for underwater life and in the environmental awareness programs of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

Innovative socio-economic mitigation measure: BIOHUT in Tamaulipas, Mexico

This project arise as an innovative measure of socio-economic mitigation of the social management plan of the CGG "Tamaurus" oceanic seismic project in Tamaulipas”.